Meet Your Educators


Joel McDonald

Directing for Voice Over -

August 31st / September 21st

Learn practical techniques for casting, interacting, and directing talent on the other side of the booth.


Nazia Chaudhry

Steps to Success In VO / Vocal Health

September 10th / September 24th

Learn the steps to a successful career in VO from the various genres of voiceover and career expectations, to home studio basics and agents.


Danny Homan

Writing for Video Games -

September 28th

Learn practical techniques for writing interactive narratives, characters, and fundamental elements for writing in game design.


Josh Martin

Improvisation for Voice Acting-

September 12th

Practice improvisation skills and apply new techniques to shape your auditions and performances in a new, exciting way.


Chuck Huber

Dialects for VO / Shakespeare -

September 3rd / September 17th

Explore regional dialects and accents, or interpret literature through a critical eye for performance.