Our Family

ExtraTerrible may be an interesting name, but our team is built from dedicated individuals who are ready to help you find the best media solution for your project. We work together to create quality content and lead the way in creativity, and professionalism.


Jason Lord - Director 

With over a decade of musical, creative design, and teaching experience, Jason adapts to almost any project with the skill and dedication needed to make it great. Holding an impressive range of abilities within his wheelhouse, he lives to play outside the box and do the impossible. 


Ethan Gallardo - Director

Ethan is a digital creative who's design experience spans multiple mediums including graphic design, web-design, visual effects, and 2D/3D animation. He's also a devoted actor, both in front of the camera and behind the mic. Forever caffeinated and always ready to bring 100 percent to the table.


Emily Lord - Social Media

Emily went to school at Missouri State University for Creative Writing, English, and Literature. Along with copywriting, she also writes fiction, nonfiction, and writes and illustrates her own comics. Emily also might be a lush, but doesn’t drink very often, so it’s complicated.



A HeteroChromic, Professional Vomiteur, Ridley makes up 1/2 of our motivational team. She enjoys butt scratches. 


Raphielle "Raph"

Acclaimed Free Spiriter, Raphielle, leads our motivational team with sudden outbursts of support, and face licks... lots and lots of face licks.