A New TERRIBLE cartoon is broadcasting!

Great Googly Moogly!

Our resident animator, Spencer Liles has been toiling away at a new series, “A Life in A Day!” Featuring the entire Extra Terrible staff and some other guests, you can view the insanity right now on the Extra Terrible Youtube Channel!


Spencer Liles - Spencer https://twitter.com/SpenceLiles Jason Lord - Jason https://twitter.com/HEYSUEZO

Ethan Gallardo - Ethan https://twitter.com/EthanGallardoVO Anthony DiMascio - Anthony https://twitter.com/DizzastaVO

James Cheek - James https://twitter.com/MaybeJamesCheek Ricky Chavez - Ricky https://twitter.com/Rickyiism

Brandon Solis - Francis/Brad https://twitter.com/solis_vo Elizabeth Winders - Veronica/Doc https://twitter.com/EWinders2

Belinda King - Belle animation

music & sound Spencer Liles "A Life In A Day" is property of Extra Terrible LLC.